Your Account Hacker Team

Here at account-hacker.com we put great emphasis on developing a more personal relationship with users of our account hacking software, Account Hacker.

Ronald Staley – CEO

Ronald Staley
, Chief Executive Officer of Account Hacker, is a seasoned tech executive and serial entrepreneur who has a proven track record of successfully building profitable companies from scratch. Ronald’s goal with the creation and release of Account Hacker was to popularize account password hacking for legitimate ends such as forgotten or hacked password recovery or even to keep track of young children online.

Prior to Account Hacker, Ronald joined Tech Clearing House Inc in 2008 as Chief of Marketing and later rose to the position of vice-president before leaving to create Account Hacker along with the rest of the team. Previously, Ronald was the creator of a number of popular travel related websites and blogs that were successfully sold for an undisclosed amount to giants of the online ticket booking industry.

Balbir Singh Chauhan – Customer Support Manager
Balbir Singh Chauhan – Customer Support Manager at Account Hacker has a primary goal of ensuring that the needs of Account Hacker users are being satisfied. He is tasked to provide excellent customer service and to promote this customer-centric ethic throughout the Account Hacker organization ensuring that all members of the Account Hacker team have the end-user as their top priority. Some of Balbir’s main responsibilities include:


  • providing help and advice to customers using Account Hacker
  • communicating courteously with customers by telephone and email
  • investigating and solving customers’ problems, which may be complex or long
  • handling customer complaints or any major incidents, such as a security issue
  • keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers

Prior to joining the Account Hacker team, Balbir has held a number of comparable positions at various call centers in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in the mainland United States.

John Fairweather – Head of Marketing & Public Relations

John Fairweather
, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Account Hacker, is a seasoned marketing executive with a successful 10-year track record leading metrics-driven marketing initiatives for high-profile technology and Internet companies. As the Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Account Hacker, he is responsible for developing and executing marketing programs that increase Account Hacker’s user base.

Prior to joining Account Hacker, John served as Executive Vice President of Marketing for PlasmaDrive, Inc., where he drove double-digit profit growth that landed the company on a list of the top 15 fastest growing companies in New York.