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When it comes to hacking Facebook passwords cost is no longer a problem thanks to Account Hacker v3.9.9, our easy to use Facebook hacking software that lets you hack Facebook for free!

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Our free Facebook hacking software, Account Hacker v3.9.9 is the only Facebook hack that combines ease of use, speed, security and affordability in a single package. Let’s take a closer look:

Easy Facebook Password Hacking For All

Easily Hack Facebook For FreeWhereas most Facebook hacks online require a certain level of advanced computer hacking skills to use, we designed Account Hacker from the outset to be used by people with no such skills.

To achieve this, we created an intuitive graphical interface for our free Facebook hacking tool that guides the user through the entire password hacking process. You can forget about exploits, shell commands or Linux!

Hack Facebook Accounts in 2 Minutes 

Hack Facebook For Free in 2 Minutes

Let’s face it; we live in a fast-paced world and nobody wants to waste weeks to hack someone’s Facebook password!

Competing Facebook hacking tools often take days or even weeks to hack a single Facebook profile, we consider this unacceptable.

Waiting to find a Facebook password belongs to the past as Account Hacker can find someone’s Facebook password in less than 2 minutes!

100% Secure Facebook Password Hacking

Securely Hack Facebook For Free

Security is a major concern for anyone looking to hack Facebook accounts in 2018, it should be of concern to you too!

Account Hacker gives you peace of mind when hacking into Facebook accounts by raising a virtual “barrier” between you and your target.

When using Account Hacker you remain 100% protected for the duration of the hack as all data traffic generated by our software is tunneled through our servers guaranteeing 100% anonymity.

A Free Facebook Hack That Actually Works

Hack Facebook For Free With Functional Facebook Hack

Account Hacker is the only fully functional Facebook hack that is available for free download by anyone looking to hack into someone’s Facebook account.

This was not done at the expense of features such as ease of use, speed or security as any user of our Facebook hacking software can attest to.

Testimonials by Users of Our Facebook Hacker

Hack Facebook For Free on Android and iOS Devices!

Who said you could only hack Facebook profile passwords from your desktop or laptop computer? With Account Hacker for mobile you can now easily hack a Facebook account online in 2 minutes or less!

What is Account Hacker for Mobile

Account Hacker for mobile is Account Hacker v3.9.9’s little brother that will allow you to hack Facebook passwords for free on Android or iOS enabled devices.hack Facebook passwords for free on Android

How to Hack Facebook Passwords on Android and iOS

All you need to do in order to hack Facebook passwords online almost instantly and for free is to simply visit our website directly from your mobile device’s browser.

Once there, our server will automatically detect that you are trying to hack Facebook passwords on Android or iOS and redirect you to Account Hacker for mobile!

Account Hacker for Mobile – Requirements

Account Hacker for mobile has minimal requirements as our Facebook hacking app is web-based. This means you can hack Facebook on Android without root or Facebook hacker APK download.

All you need in order to hack passwords on the go with Account Hacker for mobile is an active Internet connection!

Good Reasons For Hacking Facebook Passwords

Account Hacker is more than just an easy way to hack Facebook passwords for free, it offers solutions to some very common problems, including:

  • Catch Cheaters on Facebook – Red Handed

This is by far the most common use of our software – people from all walks of life who suspect their husband, wife or significant other is having an illicit affair with somebody else.

We all know that Facebook is used extensively by cheaters to communicate with their lovers making the ability to hack into Facebook accounts offered by Account Hacker very sought after.

  • Kids on Facebook – Protect Your Children Online

We are bombarded by requests from worried parents trying to learn how to hack a Facebook account in order to keep an eye on what their children are doing online.

With Account Hacker you can easily find out what your children are doing online on social networks and other online venues!

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